This project is about wearables that take shape
once the wearer has used them.

What if the wearer could become whomever he wants to be without having to choose a particular look for his outfit?
Is it possible to approach fashion design without
imposing a certain model to follow?

The outcome from these premises is a movement promoting diversity and diversity achieved through movement.
Since movement is as individual as our fingerprints, a design that takes into account motion becomes singular to each person. The design effortlessly adapts to the body’s movement. The mechanism applied on the fabric breaks when there is pressure and adjusts to the wearer. By using movement as a catalyzer of change in the object, the garment takes its final form once each person has used it.
By encouraging individual diversity, I hope to promote tolerance towards difference.

A special thanks to Juliana Reis without whom this project would have never had a name.

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